It’s almost winter again - so it’s time to realize that different weather conditions demand different car tyres. Every year, an increasing number of motorists are changing their tires to suit the seasonal conditions.


It is therefore essential that people in the workplace become more efficient by using the right tools. Ronin Tools ensure that every job is completed with the minimum of effort and in the minimum of time.

The powerful solutions
Powerful tools are essential when tackling corroded wheel bolts so Ronin Tools has now added a 1/2” Drive Pneumatic Impact Wrench (art. 30.350.100) to its range. This wrench has been manufactured using a composite material and is therefore exceptionally light. The loosening system ensures fast removal of all wheel nuts. A continuous working pressure of 6.3 bar at your fingertips means that any wheel nut can be easily removed. The wheel nuts are easy to replace using a choice of three different torque settings which ensure that nuts cannot be over-tightened.

The Ronin Tools 1/2” Adjustable Torque Wrench (30.300.200) ensures that all wheel nuts are tightened to the prescribed torque. This calibrated torque wrench is easily to set to the desired level of torque. Having a range between 40 and 200 Newton meters, this wrench is extremely versatile. The display window and the specific calibration allow this torque wrench to be set to within one Newton meter. As a result, highly accurate results.

The perfect combination
The adjustable torque wrench and the drive pneumatic impact wrench combine perfectly with the Ronin Tools 5 piece impact socket set (art. 30.375.005). These sockets ensure that those valuable rims don’t get damaged. The set is supplied in a handy blow mould case and includes 17, 19, 21, 22, 24 mm sockets, suitable for the majority of commonly used wheel nuts.

1/2” Drive Pneumatic Impact Wrench (art. 30.350.100)
1/2” Adjustable Torque Wrench (30.300.200)
5 piece impact socket set (art. 30.375.005)


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